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The products presented in our catalogue are the label of "METAL" company. The firm has its tradition; it has been present on the market for 75 years. First, it was a trade company (set before the II World War) than transformed also into manufactured and service.The experience that we have gained for this period, gives the guarantee of solidity and quality of our products. Moreover, qualified stuff and modern way of productions make our clients satisfied with their choice.

The size and the way of technological processes help us to react properly on the market and individual needs of our clients. The fact that "Metal" tries to keep up with the latest news makes this company up-to- date. Moreover, high level of production and quality of products, competitive prices, keeping deadlines couse that we are trustworthy and reliable partner.

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"Metal" company realized project "Plan Rozwoju Esportu".

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See a gallery of "Metal" company from fairs in Hanover and Cologne in Germany.

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